Friday, October 15, 2021

The Beatles Prefer Patek Philippe

The Beatles 

Get Back 

By Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson just dropped this trailer for his upcoming Beatles Documentary which will debut on Disney+ in November, so if you are feeling nostalgic, like me, this should put a big smile on your face!!!

The Beatles 

Prefer Patek Philippe

Ringo Star

Patek Reference 3448 Perpetual Calendar

Back in 2005 Ringo Starr auctioned off his Patek Philippe Reference 3448 Perpetual Calendar which is pictured below:

The strange thing is that when Ringo's magnificent Patek Philippe was auctioned for $180K, there were zero photos of him wearing it. As they say, "Show me the photo. If there isn't a photo, it didn't happen". Today I am happy to share the first documented photos that show Ringo Starr back in the day, rocking his Patek Philippe Reference 3448, which were discovered by the amazing horological researcher, Nick Gould.

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Patek Philippe 'Jumbo' Aquanaut 

Reference 6065-1A

In the photo below we see Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Star both rocking Patek Phillipe Aquanaut models:

In the photos below we see John Lennon rocking his Patek Phillipe Reference 2499...

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