Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen's Patek Philippe Annual Calendar: Reference 2438

Trick Or Treat!?!
Charlie Sheen's Patek Philippe
Annual Calendar: Reference 2438

In the photo below, you are looking at Charlie Sheen's Patek Philippe Triple Date Annual Calendar [Reference 2438] in yellow gold. My pal Simon dropped by this evening for a Patek Philippe/Rolex GTG and he showed up wearing with his stunning Patek Philippe that recently belonged to Charlie Sheen. As a matter of fact, this is Charlie's watch that he claimed kept Warlock Time ;-)

Charlie Sheen is pictured below wearing the exact watch in the photo above. Just to be clear, this is not only the same model, but the ACTUAL Patek Philippe Charlie Sheen Owned. So why doesn't Charlie Sheen own this watch any more? Because he recently upgraded to an over-the-top Patek Philippe Reference 2499 in Pink Gold with Breguet numerals that he paid close to $2.5 Million for!?!

Several months ago, Charlie Sheen posted the photo below on his Twitter account showing-off his wristwatch and ring. Charlie Sheen placed a caption under the photo that read:

The only watch that keeps Warlock time - Class of 1927 ring "Bambino U"

So what does Charlie's cryptic message really mean? Well, his 1927 world championship ring belonged to and was won and worn by Babe Ruth!!!! That is pretty impressive in-and-of-itself, but for a fellow WIS, it is not as impressive as his Patek Philippe wristwatch!!!!

Charlie is wearing what is probably the most elegant, timeless watch ever made. He is sporting an EXTREMELY RARE Yellow gold Patek Philippe 2438J, Complicated Moonphase that was made in the late 1959.

Of course, I couldn't stop taking photos of this amazing Patek Philippe model. After all Patek Philippe only ever made 179 of this stunningly elegant reference. In the photo below, I am wearing Charlie Sheen's Patek Philippe Reference on my wrist, which I am holding up in-front of my original blog post on Jake's Patek Philippe World about Charlie Sheen's Patek Philippe, which is pictured above.

One of the coolest things about being a watch historian for Patek Philippe and Rolex, is from time to time, I get to wear some watches that belong to really famous people, so as you can imaging I was in awe of sporting this famous Warlock Watch. In the past I have also worn Steve McQueen's personal Rolex Submariner [Reference 5512] which was really cool!!!

Just for the record, over the years I had been publishing Jake's Rolex World, I kept thinking in the back of my mind, I should create Jake's Patek Philippe World. The reason being that I have always liked Patek Philippe as much as Rolex–despite the fact they are both so different.

In many ways Patek Phillipe and Rolex represent the opposite sides of the same coin. What Patek Philippe is to dress watches, Rolex is to sport watches. One could also argue that if Patek Philppe is the Rolls Royce of watches, then Rolex is the Mercedes Benz.

Back in March or 2011, when Charlie Sheen went through the whole "Winning" fiasco, when he left 2 and a half men, I noticed he was wearing the Patek Philippe Reference 2438 that is pictured on his wrist in the photos at the beginning of this story. I have to tell you I was shocked to see this crazy-cool stunningly amazing Patek Philippe on Charlie Sheen's wrist!?! Why was I so shocked? Because I have NEVER seen a Reference 2438 on anybody's wrist in my life!!!

Of course I recognized the Charlie Sheen's watch right away, and as I just mentioned I was shocked to see a Patek Philippe on anybody's wrist because nobody actually wears these watches because they are so expensive. We are talking about a watch, that is the size of a quarter, that costs a half-million dollars. I was not impressed with how much Charlie Sheen's watch was worth, I was stunned with how beautiful the watch was and is. In my opinion, the Patek Philippe Reference 2438 is one of the best looking dress watches ever made.

Elegance Knows No Pain

I love how simple the user interface is on the Patek Philippe Reference 2438. It tells you everything you need to know at a glance, and nothing more. It it hyper-simple, yet hyper elegant. I was so excited to see the watch on Charlie Sheen, that I wrote an article about it on Jake's Rolex World. Then, for some reason, I realized I just had to finally create Jake's Patek Philippe World!!!

So my very first post on Jake's Patek Philippe World was about Charlie Sheen's Patek Philippe Reference 2438. Of course I had been thinking about starting Jake's Patek Philippe World for a long time. In a conversation with my pal Milos, several months before I started Jake's Patek Philippe World, I mentioned I was thinking about doing so, and ironically it was seeing Charlie Sheen's Patek Philippe that pushed me over the edge.

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