Sunday, November 20, 2011

1927 Patek Philippe Triple-Date Calendar...

1927 Patek Philippe Triple-Date Calendar
Seminal Moonphase Model

I am and have always been fascinated with Patek Philippe complicated Moonphase watches. I have been researching the ethos of the Patek Philippe Moonphase wristwatches, and here is a very early model made in 1927, and it is an absolute beauty.

These early Moonphase watches were never produced in any kind of quantity and are extremely rare and valuable. The early Patek Philippe Moonphase watches were styled as Avante-Garde, Art-Deco masterpieces. It is challenging to understand today just how innovative this watch was when it was made in the late 1920s. For instance, this is the first digital wristwatch I know of with digital day-of-the-week and month discs which are read through rectangular aperture windows.

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