Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Patek Philippe Tropical Cloisonné Dial 1954 Reference 2481

Patek Philippe Tropical Cloisonné Dial
1954 Reference 2481

Dear Jake,

Spring is back!

I thought I would share this Patek Philippe beauty your readers of Jake's Patek Philippe World!

Ciao John

These photos are of one of the rarest and most sought after Patek Philippe watches in history. This exquisite dial is known as "The Tropical Cloisonné Dial" and it was made in 1954.

The Cloisonné dial on this 1954 Patek Philippe is considered to be one of the most outstanding Cloisonné dials ever produced on a wristwatch, and arguably it is the top Cloisonné dial to ever appear on a Patek Philippe. John included this macro shot that shows just how beautiful and fine the detail is on this watch.

This magnificent Cloisonné dial was hand-enamled by Miss Marguerit Kock for the Stern Fréres company in 1953 and it was inserted into a pink gold case. The watch had a calibur 27sc and the tropical dials French name was "Forét Vierge."

John also included this next drawing which is the original hand-painted, water-color that illustrates the dial's layout. I think I like the shape and position of the mountain-top better in the original illustration, as seen below.

The next image is from the 2009 Antiquorum Auction catalog, where this beautiful watch was last sold. It sold for around $265,000.

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