Friday, December 2, 2011

1937 Patek Philippe Retrograde Triple-Date Moonphase

1937 Patek Philippe
Retrograde Triple-Date Moonphase
Reference 96

Yes. I realize I could have called Jake's Patek Philippe World Jake's Patek Philippe Moonphase World ;-) Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all Patek Philippe models, but I am absolutely crazy/passionate/in-love with triple-date moon phase Patek Philippe watches. In particular, I am completely smitten and fascinated with the design language of all the early triple-date moon phase models, and this retrograde triple date is crazy/cool/stunning.

Update: John Goldberger from Italy, chimed in to say this watch was withdrawn from auction in Geneva in November 2001 because it was determined the case was not correct.

So yes, you figured it out, my goal is to document every single one of the variations of these watches. I basically want to know everything about everything about these beauties, and of course I am sharing all my findings with you!!! My goal is to document every single-solitary rare, obscure, esoteric, arcane, beautiful vintage Patek Philippe and showcase them in one place, as has never been done before.

I can't believe how timeless and beautiful this watch is!!!! This timeless art-deco beauty just takes my breath away!!!!

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