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Patek Philippe Coolness: Philippe & Thierry Stern Father & Son Who Own & Run Patek PhilippePh

...3 Generations At the Helm Of Patek Philippe...

Patek Philippe Coolness: Henri & Philippe & Thierry Stern
Father, Son & Grandson Who Have Run Patek Philippe

In the future I will be exploring the fascinating history of Patek Philippe, and today I am exploring the last three generations to run Patek Philippe. Patek Phillipe was purchase in 1932 by brothers, Jean and Charles Stern, who had previously been the dial supplier to Patek Philippe. Charles Stern became the Chairman of Patek Philippe SA, and his son Henri Stern ran the U.S.A. distribution from New York.

In many recent Patek Philippe advertisements, Patek Philippe says "You never really own a Patek Philippe, you merely take care of it for the next generation." Perhaps this motto comes from the fact that so many generations of the Stern family have run Patek Philippe.

In this first image we see Henri Stern, who was the CEO of Patek Philippe for many years. Henri Stern was the director of Patek Philippe U.S.A. from 1938 to 1958, at which time he moved back to Geneva, Switzerland to become the Managing Director of Patek Philippe.

In this next image we see Henri Stern, with his son Philippe Stern standing next to him. Phlippe Stern joined Patek Philippe in 1964, an and become the managing director in 1977 when he was 39. He became the President of Patek Philippe in 1993.

In the image below, we see three generations of Stern's. On the left we see Thierry Stern, with Henri Stern standing in the center, with Philippe Stern on the far right. Henri Stern retired from his position as the President of Patek Philippe and passed the torch to his son, Phlippe Stern.

Thierry Stern was born in 1970 and joined Patek Philippe in 1990. In August of 2009 he took over as the President of Patek Philippe when he was 39 years old.

Fovesta took this next image of Philippe and Thierry Stern

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