Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Accolades for Jake's Patek Philippe World...

Compliments for
Jake's Patek Philippe World

• Hello Jake: I have been enjoying Jake's Patek Blog since you started it. Your presentations are always top notch and very, very rare. I don't see your content anywhere else. I always check your site to see if there is new content. The article on John Lennon and his Patek blew me away. Thank you for all the time and effort that you devote to your site. Sincerely - Mark Cossuto (Sent in via email on October 10, 2011)

• Dear Jake, I stumbled onto your Patek blog the other day and I just wanted to say thank you for putting it up! As a former watch buyer for a high-end jewelry store that has carried Patek for over 50 years, I always appreciate those that recognize more than just the name of a brand, but rather understand the craftsmanship as well as the overall aesthetic that goes not only into producing the watches, but marketing them as well. Sincerely yours, Jon Hockman (Sent in via email on October 8, 2011)

• Hi Jake, Great Patek blog!! Your taste is impeccable, these watches are beautiful, especially the vintage perpetual calendars. Cheers! –Ismat (Comment posted on July 4, 2011)

• Hi Jake. Your Patek blog looks great!! Congratulations!!! –Giorgia Mondani (Sent in via email on April 26, 2011)

• Jake. Congratulations, and thank you for taking us into the world of Patek Philippe. It is such a great brand with a wonderful past and surely a great future. –Best Regards, Jose Ulloa (Send in via email on May 8, 2011)

• Hi Jake. You just made my day when I saw your Patek blog. I've always wished there was a blog as good as your Rolex blog for Patek. I'm a big watch lover and got most of the watches I really wanted, ending up selling watches from all other brands except for Rolex and Patek. Now here is the hitch, that was never planned, just a natural process of elimination: I came to the conclusion that there were only 2 "real" watch brands, Patek and Rolex. We could talk about it for hours, but I just wanted to thank you. HAGWE. –Karim el Khazen (Sent if via email on May 8, 2011)

• Hello Jake: Well my friend, your Patek Philippe Blog amazes me more every day. The 2499 comparison to the Cadillac was simply stunning. Jake's Patek Philippe World is an amazing site. Thank you again! It is much appreciated. Sincerely, Mark Cossuto (Sent in via email on November 8, 2011)

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